Meet The Team

Our Story

 Nautical Offroad was forged from the ground up by the Holton Brothers with passion and drive for the outdoors, adventures, and innovation. Let’s face it the only thing that should be stock is something on a showroom floor. We have spent years working on making the idea of Nautical Offroad a reality and with grit, determination, and passion for innovation we now have built an arsenal of manufacturing equipment to bring our fellow adventurers innovative products to make your adventures, well..... just even more badass. 


 Nautical Offroad has invested greatly into the additive manufacturing world to be on the leading edge of technology which opens the doors to many products and processes that allow us to do custom products along with multi-material products that are not an option for production parts that are currently available at a reasonable price. Along with our state of the art full fabrication shop with HAAS CNC mills, Tubing & Radius benders, JET metal lathes, commercial Epilog laser engravers, plasma tables, metal bead rollers, shear brake and roll machines, and Baileigh CNC router table the sky is the limit with our creative passion. 


 We have and will always put everything we have in us to make the best products we can because simply because we use them as well. Since we do a little bit of everything we can make parts where there is a gap in function, aesthetics, or simply parts that can just be made better, that is where our innovation for products comes from. 


 Nautical Offroad was built by outdoor adventure family men who have seen the impact of pollution on our beautiful resources and wildlife. It is our mission to help contribute in many ways to help preserve our lands and waters for us and generations to come. We have raised our children since they were born in the woods and on the water teaching them the impacts we can have on our resources and doing clean-ups to preserve them. We will be organizing events that are family-friendly to bring the community together to achieve a common goal.


Enjoy the outdoors, live life, let loose a little bit, and chart your own course.